Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paul McCain and the Mission Province

Paul McCain Has published this blogpost on facebook. I wrote a comment, but was then blocked by Paul McCain from posting more comments. Paul McCain doesn’t want to provide a platform for arguing against him and the Missionprovince. So I am posting my comment here instead. Paul McCain is very welcome to use this platform to argue against my position, if he has any serious arguments. He has been notified of the blogpost.

It is sad, that Matti Väisänen didn't leave that heterodox finnish church himself, and it is sad that he (probably) and many members of the
Missionprovince are still members of the finnish and swedish LWF-churches and
thereby actively support woman and heterodox pastors economical with their

While his ministry has been terminated, his membership of the church probably
hasn't been terminated.

All scandinavian countries have religious freedom, so membership of heterodox
churches is a choice.

It is sad but true, as Luther notes in the quote from Walthers Church and
ministry on the top of page 341:

"Yes, it is wisely and well said that if the sheep should not flee from
the wolves before the wolves by their Christian councils and public condemnation
have commanded the sheep to flee, then the sheepfold will soon be

It is also sad, that conservatives in the LCMS seem more interested in the
pietist groups in scandinavia, who refuse to leave the statechurches than the
small confessional lutheran churches in Scandinavia. But maybe it is because
many conservatives in the LCMS have already accept the same pietistic
ecclesiology, bevause the LCMS itself has become more and more heterodox.

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